Facilitate preservation and access to Canadian documentary heritage

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What We Do


— We build organizational capacity within the Canadian Archival System

CCA will do this in partnership with the provincial and territorial councils, professional associations, National Provincial Territorial Archivists Conference (NPTAC), among others.


— We facilitate access to Canada’s documentary heritage

CCA will facilitate access to Canada’s documentary heritage through the development and maintenance of national standards and collaborative mechanisms.


— We will administer tools and services focused on the needs of the stewards of Canada’s documentary heritage

CCA will consult with members to ensure that it is focused on developing and maintaining the services and tools most needed by the stewards of Canada’s documentary heritage. 


— We enhance learning and growth about the Canadian Archival System (CAS)

CCA will work with its partners to enhance the visibility of the Canadian archival community within all facets of society, other heritage sectors.

Financial Assistance

Young Canada Works (YCW)

The Young Canada Works program is managed and administered by the CCA on behalf of PCH from the Department of Canadian Heritage as a delivery organization for the archival community and the library community (for libraries operating in English). This program offers students and young graduates the chance to acquire experience in their chosen field.

Documentary Heritage Communities Program

The Documentary Heritage Community Program (DHCP), managed by Library and Archives Canada, ensures that Canada’s continuing memory is documented and accessible to current and future generations by adopting a more collaborative approach with local documentary heritage communities. The program will be delivered in the form of contributions that will support the development of Canada’s local archival and library communities by increasing their capacity to preserve, provide access to and promote local documentary heritage. Additionally, the Program will provide opportunities for local documentary heritage communities to evolve and remain sustainable and strategic.


Archival Appraisal Webinar

Archival appraisal is the foundation for building collections of long-term historical value.

An Introduction to Copyright for Archives

Learn the underlying general principles about how copyright law works. Demystify the complex world of Copyright!

Preserve and Protect: Archives Security Webinar

The CCA webinar on Archival Security will provide an introduction to risk assessment, policies and procedures to minimize risks and prevent loss of records, security training for staff, security systems and equipment and crisis management.


The Canadian Council of Archives through its Committees and special contracts has released an array of publications. These publications assist archivists in their work by providing information on the latest development of archival standards, preservation and policy issues.

Arcan-l Listserv

Join our listserv and be part of discussions on archival issues. With Arcan-l, you will be informed of upcoming conferences, see job postings and activities from across the country and beyond, and have a forum to exchange ideas and information with colleagues in the archival field.

To learn more about CCA’s listserv, visit our Arcan-l info page.