Provincial Archival Networks

Working with our partners, CCA delivers programs and services that support the administration, effectiveness and efficiency of the Canadian Archival System

Our Provincial Network Partners

British Colombia

— MemoryBC is a portal where you can access descriptions of archival materials preserved in repositories throughout the province.


— Alberta on Record

Alberta on Record gives access to collections preserved in many archives throughout the province.


— Saskatchewan Archival Information Network

The Saskatchewan Archival Information Network is a database of descriptions of archival material held in Saskatchewan archives. It is a work in progress, with new descriptions being added regularly.


— Manitoba Archival Information Network

The Manitoba Archival Information Network (MAIN) is an online searchable database supported by the Association for Manitoba Archives. MAIN provides access to descriptions of archival material held in Manitoba, including photographs, documents, audiovisual records, and maps.


— Archives Association of Ontario

Archeion brings together information about archives held by organizations all over Ontario. Archeion is a service provided by the Archives Association of Ontario (AAO).


— Quebec Archives Dissemination Network

The objective of the Quebec Archives Dissemination Network (QADN) is to pool descriptions of holdings and collections from all the archives of Quebec. The QADN allows the research of Quebec archives as well as the enhancement of virtual exhibitions created by Quebec archives centers.

New Brunswick

— ArchivesCANB

ArchivesCANB provides access to archival descriptions in New Brunswick. You can access descriptions of archival materials preserved in the repositories throughout the province of New Brunswick.

Prince Edward Island

— Archives Council of Prince Edward Island

Archives PEI is the Archives Council of Prince Edward Island’s description database. The database includes more than 1400 archival descriptions or “finding aids” from seven member institutions across Prince Edward Island.

Nova Scotia

— MemoryNS

MemoryNS provides access to archival records from institutions across Nova Scotia, and is an initiative of the Council of Nova Scotia Archives

Newfoundland and Labrador

— Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives

The Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Archives (ANLA)’s portal to descriptions of archival records throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. You can search the Archival Resource Catalogue (ARC) to find records of individuals, families and organisations from the collections among member institutions of ANLA.