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Archival community response to the Consultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Dear Colleagues,

The archival community response to the Federal Government Consultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence, submitted by the Canadian Council of Archives and endorsed by the Association of Canadian Archivists and l’Association des archivistes du Québec, is now available here.  A French translation of the submission will be posted when it becomes available.

The submission was prepared by the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) Statutory Review Working Group – established to examine and address issues related to the Canadian archival community in the current review of the Canadian Copyright Act. The Working Group is composed of:

Nancy Marrelli, Chair
Jean Dryden, appointed by the Association of Canadian Archivists
Nancy Marrelli is also Interim representative of l’Association des archivistes du Québec

The consultation submissions required responses to an online questionnaire, so the attached document replicates the questions and our responses. Some questions were not applicable to our community and they have been tagged as Not Applicable (NA)

The submission clearly delineates the three separate stages/processes of Generative AI:

  • Ingestion and encoding of millions of documents to create the datasets used to train machine learning models
  • Creation of the underlying computer programs/algorithm used for generative AI tools
  • AI-generated outputs

Please note that the responses in the submission clearly distinguish between each of these elements and/or the generative AI process as a whole.

Nancy Marrelli
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Board of Directors / Comité de direction
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