This section brings you up to date on the most recent projects and initiatives of the Canadian Council of Archives, its standing committees and the archival community.

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Documentation and resources relating to CCA’s response to CCPERB’s new guidelines

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Archival Community’s Response to “A Consultation on How to Implement an Extended General Term of Copyright Protection in Canada”

Letter to Ministers Champagne and Guilbeault re: the Consultation on how to implement an Extended general term of copyright protection in Canada

Updated CCPERB Guide for Monetary Appraisals – Survey

Letter to Minister Guilbeault

Crown Copyright Issues Affecting Archives – Looking for your input


Message from the CCA Board of Directors – ARCAN-L Code of Conduct 


Next Steps in Advancing Changes to Crown Copyright – Library and Archival Community Letter to Ministers


Canadian Archivists Applaud the INDU report on the Statutory Review of the Copyright Act


New Model for the Steering Committee on Canada’s Archives


Release of the Canadian Archival Accession Information Standard (CAAIS)

Dear colleagues,

The National Archival Accession Standard Working Group (NAASWG) is pleased to announce the completion of its multi-year project to write a content standard for archival accession information. The standard is posted on the NAASWG space on the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) website. It can be accessed through the following link:

Writing the standard was an iterative process. There remains a possibility of future revisions after the archival community has implemented this work across diverse archival environments.

I wish to thank the members of the working group who gave freely of their time to research and compose the standard. The working group is also grateful to those who shared their accession policies and responded to our surveys to better inform and design the standard. Finally, the NAASWG is would like to thank the CCA and the InterPARES Trust for their administrative and financial support.

A French version of the standard will follow shortly.


Raymond Frogner
Chair, National Archival Accession Standard Working Group

NPTAC – Declaration on guiding principles relating to the acquisition of private-sector archival records

In June 2016, members of the National, Provincial and Territorial Archivists Conference (NPTAC) agreed to a declaration on guiding principles relating to the acquisition of private-sector archival records. This declaration is now available on LAC’s website in both official languages:

Statement of Guiding Principles for Identifying ‘Best-Fit’ Repositories for Private-Sector Archival Records [Bilingual PDF 149 KB]

The NPTAC’s vision for collaborative acquisition involves all members of the Canadian archival community at the national, provincial and territorial levels working co-operatively to acquire archival material in a manner that effectively preserves and facilitates public access to Canada’s documentary heritage.

NPTAC is a long-standing consultative body comprised of the heads of the 13 provincial and territorial archives, and the Librarian and Archivist of Canada. Meeting twice-yearly within a federal-provincial-territorial framework, NPTAC facilitates broad discussion on matters of mutual interest, and undertakes small collaborative projects that support specific goals and objectives of the Canadian Archival System.