Canadian Archival System (CAS)

The CAS is open to participation by all archives in Canada that intend to preserve and make documentary heritage accessible, through a cooperative approach

The CAS architecture

This involves appraising, selecting, acquiring, conserving, arranging, describing and making accessible archival records in all documentary media, of both public and private origin, which are of enduring value in recording all aspects of Canadian life.

Archives Today

Over the past thirty years, unprecedented growth has occurred in Canadian archives. As the number of archives has increased fivefold over this period, new challenges impel us to work together more closely. No longer can we be content to preserve historical records without prior consultation, without a clear mandate and without a realistic look at the scope and implications of our objectives.

For Better Coordination

Sharing responsibilities for conserving our documentary heritage is a fundamental principle in the establishment of the Canadian archival system. While each institution and the various levels of government must be responsible for developing and maintaining archives, professional associations must be entrusted with developing archivists.