The May Queen, 1953. - Elgin County Archives, Alma College fonds, R6 S3 Sh4 B1 #268

Publications for Purchase

The Canadian Council of Archives through its Committees and special contracts has released an array of publications. These publications assist archivists in their work by providing information on the latest development of archival standards, preservation and policy issues. A list of publications and information on how to order them is included in this section.


Publication available for sale

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An Introduction to Authority Control for Archivists, 1992, 28 p. $10.60
An Ounce of Prevention, 2nd Ed., 2002, 283 p. $30.25

Basic Conservation of Archival Materials (Red Book), 2003, 90 p. 
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Cold Storage of Photographs at the City of Vancouver Archives,
by Sue Bigelow, 2004, 34 p. 
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Development of Standards for Archival Practice in Canada, 1995, 12 p.


Digitization and Archives, 2002, 10 p. 
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RAD Revealed: A Basic Primer on the Rules for Archival Description, 2001, 144 p.


Rules for Archival Description (RAD), 2008, 698 p.
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Salvage Operations for Water Damaged Archival Collections:
A Second Glance
, by Betty Walsh, 2003, 27 p. 
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Staff Guide to Copyright, 1999, 182 p.
Please note: This publication may not reflect recent changes to the copyright law
Subject Indexing for Archives, 1992, 144 p. $21.00
The Conservation Assessment Guide for Archives, 1995, 85 p. $17.50