Parliament Buildings construction. Centre Block showing north-west section and the buttresses of the Library, ca. 1868. - Library and Archives Canada, miscellaneous collection, C-010005
A National Council
The  Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) objectives: to further the establishment of a consensus between different points of view and the promotion of common interests.

Founded in 1985 as a result of federal-provincial efforts to encourage and facilitate the evolution of an archival system in Canada, the Canadian Council of Archives provides coordination within the system. Its tasks are to:
  • identify national priorities;
  • make recommendations as to the system's operation and financing;
  • develop and facilitate the implementation and management of Programmes to assist the archival community;
  • advise the National Archivist;
  • promote better communications between the various components of the Canadian system; and
  • communicate archival needs and concerns to decision-makers, researchers and the general public.

To carry out this mandate, the Council must naturally be representative of the various elements of the Canadian Archival System.  Each provincial/territorial council has a representative on the CCA, as does the Association des archivistes du Québec, the Association of Canadian Archivists and the Council of Provincial and Territorial Archivists (CPTA).  As required, the CCA may invite other observers to attend Council meetings.

The Canadian Council of Archives also derives its representative character from the creation and development of provincial/territorial networks. The activities of these networks are coordinated by provincial/territorial councils, which are represented within the Canadian Council of Archives. Archives and regional associations may thus voice their needs and expectations to the CCA. This helps the Council tailor its policies and programs to reflect archival needs and requirements of the regions.