The May Queen, 1953. - Elgin County Archives, Alma College fonds, R6 S3 Sh4 B1 #268

CCA - Directions and Priorities

The Council's priorities are based on the needs of the archival community.  There is no doubt that the Council's main focus over the last few years has been on the development of  The Council is also concerned with improving coordination of acquisition mandates, and several other issues.


Meeting Our Mandate 2013 to 2018:   For the benefit of all Canadians

CCA has identified the following three strategic action areas for focus throughout the next five years.

  1. Consult, advise and build organizational capacity:

In partnership with the provincial and territorial councils, professional associations, National Provincial Territorial Archivists Conference (NPTAC), sponsors of archives in Canada, federal and provincial Government departments and agencies, CCA will consult, advise and build organizational capacity within all constituencies of the Canadian archival system.

Outcome:  The Canadian Archival Community will have the human and technological capacity to sustain a diverse network of archives that is relevant and able to serve Canadian society.

  1. Facilitate access to Canada’s documentary heritage:

CCA will facilitate access to Canada’s documentary heritage through the development and maintenance of national standards and collaborative mechanisms such as the national catalogue of archival descriptions (

Outcome:  Archives across Canada will have the tools and mechanisms necessary to support the evolving information needs of Canadians.

  1. Enhance the visibility of the Canadian archival community:

CCA will enhance the visibility of the Canadian archival community within all facets of society and to the general public, to reinforce the importance of Canada’s documentary heritage and to inform/educate users of archives.

Outcome:  Canadians will understand that archives are a critical and necessary element of our information based economy and the public will appreciate the relevance and benefits of archival materials to a democratic society.


To explore the needs of the archival community and to give it guidance, the Canadian Council of Archives has established several committees: the Standards committee, the Canadian Committee on Archival Description, and the Preservation Committee. As required, the CCA may create other committees responding to specific needs. From a management perspective, the Board of Directors of the CCA meets four or five times a year to administer Council affairs, develop budget estimates and coordinate and review the work of all these committees.