Domestic Science class at Alam College, 1886. - Elgin County Archives, Alma College fonds, R6 S3 Sh3 B3 #67

CCA - Preservation Committee 


This Committee is responsible for all topics related to preservation and conservation of Canadian Heritage. In order to meet its mandate, the Preservation committee monitors several research and publish information bulletins which help the Canadian archival community to better understand the preservation management and take necessary action to control and preserve archival materials. This committee also ensures links with other national and international conservation organisations/committees. 




Responsible to the Board of Directors, the Preservation Committee promotes, coordinates and provides leadership to the archival community in comprehensive preservation management by:

1. Reviewing all applications, forwarding comments and recommendations to the Board of Directors, and advising applicants on particular projects requiring specialized expertise.

2. Identifying and coordinating with partners to secure future funding for preservation activities.

3. Supporting the development of appropriate education programmes in preservation management, training and education through workshops.

4. With partners, developing, reviewing, updating and recommending for implementation national preservation strategies and plans.

5. Coordinating and supporting preservation research activities.

6. Promoting and supporting the development and diffusion of guidelines and standards in preservation management.

7. Communicating the results of research, the activities of the committee and the strategic approaches to preservation management to the archival community.

8. Coordinating the promotion and development of preservation management through liaison with provincial and territorial councils.

9. Playing an advocacy role in all issues and activities associated with the preservation of Canadian archival records. 

10. Supporting the continued development of relationships with international preservation bodies.




Canadian Association for Conservation of Cultural Property (CAC)
Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI)
Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA)
Image Permanence Institute (IPI)
Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC)