Residential Schools. School boys. These children live too far away to go home in the summer. Aklavik, c. 1941 - Saich - NWT Archives, N-1990-003:0223

CCA - For Better Coordination

Sharing responsibilities for conserving our documentary heritage is a fundamental principle in the establishment of the Canadian archival system. While each institution and the various levels of government must be responsible for developing and maintaining archives, professional associations must be entrusted with developing archivists.

For the Canadian archival system to function smoothly, each component in the system must also be willing to collaborate and cooperate in promoting common interests and solving common problems. On this basis, the various parts of the system complement each other by their individual interests and expertise, so as to build a network geared to promoting the development of Canadian archives.

The Canadian archival system thus comprises 
the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA), Library and Archives Canada (LAC), the provincial/territorial councils of archives, national and regional professional associations, the provincial/territorial archives, and other repositories from across the country.